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- Five areas of service -

Why Engage With Phoenix Advantage

Some companies question their need for an external partner to help develop solutions. They wonder how someone outside their environment can understand the situation well enough to develop solutions for problems they face daily.

Phoenix Advantage does not claim to “understand better” than the client. Instead, we work to supplement the client’s experiences with our own.

Phoenix Advantage doesn’t enter a consultation with preconceived solutions and operating models. We start by listening, and where possible, offering our observations, opinions, and suggestions. Out of this process, solutions arise that result from combining the best of both companies experience and knowledge.

We also have the ability to see outside the boundaries of an organization’s current culture and paradigms. Sometimes values, beliefs, and expectations associated with past successes prevent companies from recognizing necessary critical changes. Our experience crosses a diversity of industries and practices. We help clients avoid “blind spots” thus generating better solutions.

As corporate leaders, our organizations went through significant changes to improve performance. We know the stresses of changing the organization while maintaining day-to-day business. We’ve had to overcome cultural barriers, organizational resistance, and poor systems to achieve desired results. By adding our experience to the client’s knowledge we maximize the potential for success.

Management Consulting

This service deals with organizational performance. Consultations normally relate to a specific performance issue or the development of a new competitive advantage. While our work usually centers around a core business process, our analysis, planning, and implementation phases also address leadership, policies, procedures, organizational structure, informational tools, and corporate culture. We provide quick analysis, holistic action plans, and implementation assistance as needed.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting encompasses the design, implementation, and effective integration of information technology into the business practice. Also included are the application of advanced information technology systems, and the redesign of business processes. Business process redesign is classified as technical consulting because most cases require new information tools to enable the change. Special focus is placed on achieving results that materially change the performance of the business.

Business Assessments

These are high-level assessments of a business’s operations and information technology. Clients schedule these audits to identify internal opportunities for improvement, or as part of a due diligence evaluation for possible merger or acquisition. We specialize in quick, accurate assessments followed by an effective plan for rapid change.


Training is available for a variety of operational, personnel, management, and information technology issues. Clients frequently comment on the practicality and applicability of the material, along with the ability of the instructors to adapt and communicate with all levels of the organizations. Courses may be customized to fit a specific company or industry.

Public Speaking

Both founding partners are experienced public speakers. Their engagements include private corporate functions as well as national conferences. They can address both educational and motivational requirements.