Fundamental Leadership.

- With innovative information technology -

Company Information.

Combining fundamental leadership with innovative information technology.

Phoenix Advantage, Inc. was incorporated in 1996. The founding partners, Arun Vedhanayagam and Bruce Blagg, had previously led the turn-around of several organizations by combining fundamental leadership with innovative information technology. Analyzing their experiences, expertise, and mutual visions, they decided to switch roles from internal leaders of change to external consultants.

Forming the Company

The business model used by Phoenix Advantage resulted in an organizational structure different from many of the established consulting companies. To minimize the need for consulting days, and to provide flexibility to handle clients needs, the company has limited the number of direct employees and developed extensive strategic partnerships.

Thus, Phoenix Advantage can quickly provide resources for large projects while limiting the size of engagements overall.

In forming the company, they wanted to create a consulting model different from ones they had experienced. In particular, they wanted:

  1. All work performed by partners and associates based on experience as well as expertise
  2. A focus on added value to the client, not just completing a contract
  3. A business model that would minimize outside intervention (i.e., consultant days) for the client and maximize the development of internal change agents

Leadership Team

- Arun Vedhanayagam -

-Has a Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering
-Has fifteen years experience designing systems for manufacturing and service industries
Successfully integrated advanced information technology into
day-to-day business practices:

-Advanced Planning & Scheduling Systems
-ERP Systems
-Shop Floor Control Systems
-Collaborative Work Flow Environments
-Knowledge Based & AI Based System

-Designed and developed New Product Development Processes using CAD/CAM/CAE and Expert Systems
-Experienced in developing corporate information technology strategies

- Bruce O. Blagg -

-Has a B.S. in Mathematics
-Has twenty-five years executive experience in consumer, industrial, aerospace, and process industries
-Held positions in Operations, Customer Service, Sales, and General Management
-Was Vice President, supply chain and customer service for a $1.2 billion organization
-Led three companies to world-class customer service
Led several large change initiatives resulting in:

-30% less administrative costs
-60% improvement in new product development times
-90% reduction in customer response times

-Is a National speaker on Supply Chain Management, Customer Service, and Change Management
-Co-authored APICS Certification Exam
-Is formally trained in the development of adult workshops
-Offers a unique blend of corporate leadership and consulting experiences