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Mergers & Acquisitions

Phoenix Advantage, Inc. has provided services to the private equity investment market and to acquisition companies for more than fifteen years. Our clients rely on our timely and accurate appraisals and, as one client stated, value our services as “a strategic advantage in the acquisition of new companies”.
Below is a list of services we offer clients evaluating a merger or acquisition.

Operational & Information Technology Due Diligence

Our company provides observations and assessments detailing how well the company being considered is operating. We also analyze whether the operations will support changes needed to achieve the financial results being used to justify the acquisition. In addition, we assess how well the Information Technology has been integrated into the business processes and

what the cost will be to correct any major flaws. Our analysis covers not only current strategies and processes, but any future changes in strategy or operations needed to increase the value of the acquisition.

Transition Planning

We work with the client to create a transition plan that enables them to support the operations of the acquired business from Day One and quickly transition from any support supplied by the selling company. Our service supports the client through the transition to ensure that the plan is properly executed and the projected results are achieved.

Day One Planning

Depending on the acquisition, the number of tasks to be completed to ensure a smooth and successful takeover on Day One can be numerous and complex. We help the client develop an action plan for a successful takeover and operation of the acquisition starting Day One. Emphasis is placed on required changes in company identity, operating policies and procedures, and Information Technology systems.

Strategic Vision and Alignment

Our experience has proven a critical need to ensure the strategy and expectations of the acquiring entity and of the acquisition are aligned at the leadership level for the expected financial results to be achieved. Often the due diligence process results in the leadership of the acquisition believing they are being bought for one reason while the leadership of the acquiring company has a completely different perspective. We offer a service bringing the two groups together to quickly gain consensus and alignment around the strategic vision to be used in leading the company. This is critical to a quick and effective launch of the new entity or merger.

On-Going Operations

Clients who have worked with us through their due diligence and first year of operations will often engage us to perform a reassessment their strategic vision, alignment of the strategy with operations, and the utilization of the right information technology to support the strategy. This may be motivated by a desire to improve performance, or to increase the value of the company in preparation for an exit strategy. We work with the client to refine their strategy and provide an assessment of the current Operations and Information Technology. A list of actions is submitted for review, and a time-phased plan created to implement those receiving leadership’s approval.

First Year Plan

We work with the new entity’s leadership to develop a plan to quickly implement changes required by the merger or acquisition while ensuring an efficient on-going management of the business. We continue to support the client in the implementation of the plan to achieve the results needed.