Business Assessments

Business assessments are a high-level analysis of a company’s operations and its supporting informational technology. Phoenix Advantage has worked with Wall Street investment companies to develop a service for quickly and accurately assessing current and future operational performance. We offer this service to a variety of clients interested in acquisitions, mergers, minority investments, or identifying opportunities for their own improvement.

A business assessment normally involves three areas.

  • Analysis of core business processes The audit reviews all the major non-financial processes associated with the business. In the financial area, it covers closing of the general ledgers, efficiency of payables and receivables, and accuracy of key operating costs and inventory balances. The analysis estimates potential improvements, the cost to attain them, and the organization’s capability to implement the changes.
  • Analysis of the supporting information technology This examines the status and capabilities of the current infrastructure. The review covers hardware, software, and personnel. It provides an estimate of the cost for adjusting the infrastructure to support the current business model as well as any proposed changes.
  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives The assessment outlines possible alternatives for improving performance. It provides an evaluation of the benefits, costs, difficulties, and time required for each alternative. Where appropriate, there is a discussion of how the alternatives align with the long-term strategy of the company or investor.

-A Typical Engagement-

Management consultations normally are comprised of three phases. These phases can be used in combination or contracted separately to meet specific client needs.

Analysis phase: This involves defining desired objectives and scope, conducting interviews, and performing data analysis. With the cooperation of the client, we can normally complete the analysis phase in one to two weeks. The deliverables are a summary of observations and a list of recommendations.

We can perform these assessments quickly because we rely on the client for accurate information. If our analysis shows the data submitted is inconsistent or incomplete, we will request further information. Phoenix Advantage can collect the data or verify accuracy upon request.

Planning phase: We work jointly with the client to review their ideas and our recommendations, and develop a list of actions. A time-phased action plan is created which covers the method of implementation, change management issues, selection of work tools, training, and communications. Ordinarily the development of the plan can be completed in a couple of meetings.

Implementation Phase: During this phase we typically assume three roles.

Project leadership:

      Periodically we meet with the leaders of the project to review progress, answer questions, facilitate adjustments, and coach internal change agents. We ensure that the vision is not fluctuating and decisions being made support the objectives.


      We supply operational and technical expertise as needed. We may work with a team to define a new process, select a software package, set new policies, or identify new values needed in the organization. These areas are usually defined during the Planning Phase.


    We provide skills, team, and management training as needed to support the implementation. The majority of our training consists of previously developed courseware with adjustments for the client’s needs made during training. Training schedules are adapted to satisfy client’s requirements.