- Arun Vedhanayagam -

-Has a Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering
-Has fifteen years experience designing systems for manufacturing and service industries
Successfully integrated advanced information technology into
day-to-day business practices:

-Advanced Planning & Scheduling Systems
-ERP Systems
-Shop Floor Control Systems
-Collaborative Work Flow Environments
-Knowledge Based & AI Based System

-Designed and developed New Product Development Processes using CAD/CAM/CAE and Expert Systems
-Experienced in developing corporate information technology strategies

- Bruce O. Blagg -

-Has a B.S. in Mathematics
-Has twenty-five years executive experience in consumer, industrial, aerospace, and process industries
-Held positions in Operations, Customer Service, Sales, and General Management
-Was Vice President, supply chain and customer service for a $1.2 billion organization
-Led three companies to world-class customer service
Led several large change initiatives resulting in:

-30% less administrative costs
-60% improvement in new product development times
-90% reduction in customer response times

-Is a National speaker on Supply Chain Management, Customer Service, and Change Management
-Co-authored APICS Certification Exam
-Is formally trained in the development of adult workshops
-Offers a unique blend of corporate leadership and consulting experiences